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Welcome to le new blog!

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Hello babes! Thanks for visiting and welcome!

A few years ago I started a (let’s admit,Ā really embarassing, hindsight 20/20) makeup and beauty blog that A) had no plan, B) went nowhere, C) had terrible photos, and D) was seldom updated. It was on Blogger/Blogspot and chronicled my beauty adventures when I first moved back to LA in 2011, before I even had my current job which I’ve been at for a couple years now. Or was it 2012? Oh who cares. šŸ˜›

The point is, I’m starting again and hope to post much better content much more often. I am not by any means someone that would be considered a “makeup” girl in real life – I seldom if ever wear makeup to work, usually only wearing makeup when I go out (which is also rare), and have the general attitude that I don’t really GAF what anybody thinks about what I look like. It’s the feminist in me.

So ultimately, it’s very little (if at all) known among my friends in real life that I’m borderlineĀ obsessed with makeup. Not in an unhealthy or insecure way – I just really freaking love makeup and think it’s really fun! From the packaging, to the purchasing experience, to the fun colors and smells.. it’s intoxicating to me. Truly. Every person that has ended up at Sephora with me is left with their mouths a bit dropped open as we walk through the shop and I rattle off facts about each brand or new makeup line we look at, to the point where it sounds like I work there and I’ve been trained there, or I obsessively study this stuff at night.

It’s similar to how some people are obsessed with cars and know all of the new models and features. It’s just a bit more impractical. šŸ˜‰

I’ve even had a couple people (like my mom, ha) ask WHY don’t I work in the makeup field? Well, for one, it doesn’t pay very well. I love it to the point where you could practically get me to walk around Sephora for free babbling on about the greatest new foundations or lipstick stains, but it’s not something I would want to do to try to make a living. As far as money goes I really love digital marketing (that’s my profession.) And I can still walk around the store and Pinterest my heart out over makeup products, so I really don’t have to be in the industry to continue enjoying it.

Secondly, I have always struggled with allowing myself to indulge in anything impractical. It’s genetic. My entire family, particularly on my mom’s side, has always been a group of builders, fishers, life-savers, and the like. When I say we have practicality in our blood, we mean it. So to me, even justĀ blogging about makeup seems self-indulgent and impractical, and I’ve had an internal argument with myself about it forĀ years. Even with my DIY blog (which I don’t updateĀ at all anymore but you can check it out at if you’d like), I always had a hard time justifying working on it and keeping it updated because I KNEW it was impractical.

The fact is, though, not everything has to be practical in life. Some things are okay being just for fun. Because those are the things that make us humans tick and keep us going despite the daily bull most of us have to deal with. It’s ok to have fun just for the sake of having fun every once in a while – in fact, it’s necessary!

That’s why I’m here. I am obsessed enough with makeup that I might as well share that fun with others. I’m here solely to have a good time, not to take anything seriously, and hopefully not turn this into work for myself.Ā So with that being said, let’s get this started, girl! Welcome to The Makeup Kit! I’m glad you’re here.

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