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Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Palette Review & Swatches

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Hello babes! IT’S HERE IT’S HERE! Today we’re doing a review and swatches for the Gwen Stefani Urban Decay palette. I personally have been waiting for this eyeshadow palette for months! As someone who is a huge Urban Decay AND Gwen Stefani fan, I was ecstatic to hear that Urban Decay was coming out with a Gwen Stefani collection. Just look how excited I am!

TheMakeupKit Excitement for UD x GS

Now that we’ve got the hyperventilating out of the way, onto the review!


Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Palette FIRST IMPRESSIONS:

Gwen Stefani palette with packaging

  1. The packaging is be-yoo-tiful
  2. I didn’t know it came with lipstick samples from the Gwen Stefani collection, too!
  3. The palette’s case feels very sturdy, like every eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay
  4. Many of the colors look very similar, as I’ve seen other reviewers write
  5. It’s impressive to see an Urban Decay palette with this many nudes, and just to see one this wearable overall!

First half of palette Second half of palette

Swatching the Gwen Stefani Palette

When getting swatches for this palette, I put eyeshadow primer on the upper part of my forarm so you can see the eyeshadow swatches with and without eyeshadow primer. For this eyeshadow palette, I definitely recommend using a primer.

Indoor Swatches: Gwen Stefani Eyeshadows

Indoor Lighting Swatch

Indoor Swatches: Gwen Stefani Eyeshadows

The top portion has primer and lower portion does not. The additional swatches below each stripe are from the Vice 3 palette to show similarities, and above each stripe are from Too Faced’s Pretty Rebel palette.

Outdoor Swatches for Gwen Stefani's Eyeshadows

Dim outdoor light

Swatches with Flash

Swatches with Flash

The first 3 nudes are very similar with slightly different undertones. My favorite colors have to be Steady and Punk. Pop, which is 5th from the right, was the only one with any annoying fallout while swatching.

The Verdict: Should You Buy It?

Here is who should buy Urban Decay’s Gwen Stefani palette….

  • Anyone in need of multiple nude eyeshadows,
  • Anyone who doesn’t have a bright pink, blue, or gold in their shadow collection and will use these colors,
  • Anyone who simply loves Urban Decay and has to have this palette

Here is who should NOT buy this palette:

  • Anyone who already has plenty of nude eyeshadows
  • Anyone who is not in love with any single color
  • Anyone who is expecting a huge range of colors

Where can you get it? Sephora and anywhere else that carries Urban Decay, of course!

gwen x ud palette up close

Colors so yummy you could eat them!

Final Thoughts

Although I love love love this palette simply for what it is, I was disappointed to see that many of the nude shades are very close in color to each other, and very close in color to my own skin tone. This may not be the case for you.

As you can tell in the swatches above, many of the colors barely show up on me even on top of eyeshadow primer. Can I layer it on a bit thicker? Yes. Does it seem to be highly pigmented and blend well? With the exception of Pop, the light pink in the bottom left of the palette, yes. Will I be using this ALL. THE. TIME? Yes!

Overall I think this is a great palette, albeit a bit pricy. There do seem to be a number of shades that are very close in color with the Too Faced Pretty Rebel & Vice 3 palettes, but many of the nudes were not found. If you don’t have any great golds, deep blues, or blacks in your eyeshadow collection, and would love to have a better variety of nudes, get this palette! <3

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