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Talon Tuesday: Black, White, & Purple Manicure with Studs & Leopard Print!

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leopard stud manicure by Monrogue

Something I have been working really hard on is better clean-up of my manicures. I am SO proud of this mani because not only do I love the design, which I came up with and knocked out in about an hour, but I didn’t screw it up during clean-up!! (That almost always happens which is why I usually end up just peeling the remaining polish around my nails off in the shower.  It’s weird, but whatever.. it works!!) Thankfully this time I FORCED myself to take my time on a lovely weekend day outside and gitter’ done RIGHT! 🙂 Yay!!

White, purple, and black leopard nails by MonrogueWho doesn’t love leopard print?!

black studded leopard nails

Also, who doesn’t love black studs?! These were originally gold and I actually took the time to paint them black, which is why there are slight imperfections.

purple white and black leopard nails by Monrogue

I’m super excited that patience & practice is really starting to pay off, so much so that some of my friends almost don’t believe me when I tell them I did my nails myself. 😀 Squeeee!

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