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Silver Nail Foils on White Polish

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Once upon a time, as I’ve said in many posts before, I took an adventure on a magic nail file and found myself in Downtown LA at a nail shop. I know, I know – it’s hard to believe. I have picture proof, though!

Nail foils on white nails

There were little containers of nail foil at that shop, and you can betchyerself a brown llama that I bought some!

White nails with silver foil - via Monrogue

I’ve been dying to use this but didn’t really know how. All of the tutorials and examples I could find had the foil in a tube, with what seems to be a plastic backing. Sorry for being such a noob but I have never used that.. this was the first foil I’ve used.

It basically came in a gently crumpled form in a round yet short container – much shorter than the tubes I see elsewhere on the interwebZ.

Silver nail foils on white polish - via Monrogue

When it’s taken out of the container, it’s so light and weightless that it’s a little bit hard to un-crumple as it just flows around in the air with any movement. It also really likes sticking to your fingers!!

Anyways, I was able to dab some elmers glue on top of my white polish that it would stick to after I let it get tacky enough. I was going for a rough luxe look, which I think I nailed!

Silver nail foils on white polish - via Monrogue

Don’t mind the varying photo styles and different logo this time around.. I’m experimenting with some styling and branding to see what I like best. 🙂

Here’s a gallery since I loved so many of the pictures… I really couldn’t decide which ones I should limit the post to! I just love this design so much!

Let me know what you think! Have you ever used nail foils? Did you use the kind I have? Do you like it? 🙂

XOXO Hannah

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