Kitschy Kitchen Dreams – Dishes For The Kitsch-Loving Bitch In All Of Us!

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Lately I've been having visions of a candyland meets Alice in a Wonderland meets Wednesday Adams decor theme. Although this is great fun to daydream about, I'm pretty sure I'd get sick of it eventually if any of these ideas were implemented, as fun as they are.

So one of these daydreams has to do with a totally in-your-face, pastel, kitschy kitchen, with decadent colorful teacups running rampant.

I mean, how fun and weird and interesting would it be to have crazy stacks of teacups everywhere?! You could be the crazy teacup chick, instead of cats! Or both. Whatever.
Especially morbid and/or offensive sets.
(You can always keep it clean & cliche if you want – I won't judge!)
I mean, I understand that the mix of vulgarity and beauty might not be everyone's cup of tea… (See what I did there?!)
But I think the jarring juxtaposition of ridiculously embellished delicate frivolities, like teacups, mixed with “shocking” language is just too fun NOT to entertain the idea.
Imagine having your grandmother over for tea with these babies!!

You could still have a killer kitschy kitchen without the foul language, like the plain yet beautiful pastel set above, but I just love the cheekiness of it. 😉

Would you dream of filling your kitchen with these fabulous tea trinkets? Or do you gag just thinking about it?

Part of me totally runs and cringes at the idea of being an adult with pink and blue decor… TEACUPS nonetheless.. And yes, stacks of them, at that. But wouldn't it be kinda fun in a kooky way?! At least a girl can dream. 🙂


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