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10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas – A Roundup

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Hello lovelies! Today I’m bringing some rad nail art from across the internet to your screen. I haven’t done any Halloween nails yet mostly from the overwhelming number of awesome possibilities (let’s call them awesome-bilities, k?), preventing me from deciding what to do. I’ll also be at a convention for work next week so will probably wait until after that to go all out. ūüôā

Anyways, I didn’t want to overload this post with too many designs so I tried to gather a fun handful of styles, shapes, and difficulties, with Instagram and Pinterest as my best nail-finding-friends!

Let’s start off with the almond/claws.

creepy claw manicure for HalloweenCheck out these killer claws from¬†@lollipopnails! There’s a ton of other nail art on her IG that you absolutely must check out if you like these. ‘Scary’ but cool!


neon green Frankenstein nails for HalloweenThis acid green franken-claw set is from¬†@shallan_xo, who also happens to rescue dogs, which is a major plus in my book. I’ve also been on a huge claw kick, glitter kick, and obnoxious color kick (actually I think that’s just ALWAYS the case.. hehe) so these totally rock my world and the simplicity of them with such a huge impact makes them trip-ly, maybe quadru-ply, appealing.


Halloween nails with blood dripsI also love this simple part-claw-part-square set by¬†@helloroxiest¬†from Blkbones. They’re edgy and sexy all at once, with a big impact and quick application that anyone could pull off.


creepy Halloween nail ideaAnother example of kickass claw art! This one I found via¬†@pinkyy_78, done¬†by Jing at¬†@nailbyyuanyuan. ¬†I love how edgy these are!! They are probably a bit too complicated for the novice nail addict but it’s worth a shot!


glitter spider nail artThis set, by Jessica @jvnaildesign from her blog Nailed Daily, is stunning to me. Claws, spiders, and glitter all in one?! A nail artist after my own heart, I say!! Check out the post to see how it was done.. Gelish was used as a basecoat, which is truly the bomb.


pumpkin nail art for HalloweenI had to include another set from Jessica (still¬†@jvnaildesign)¬†as we transition into the more square and oval nails. You can find these at¬†Nailed Daily¬†and I just love how they have the cutesy oranges that everyone knows Halloween for, while still being a bit on the scarier/grown up side. (Oh, and PS… Did I say GLITTER?)


goth halloween manicureYou can’t have a Halloween nail roundup without some grown up goth nails! These are Janine’s from,¬†done by Caren P. ¬†The deep almost-black-but-not-quite purple is just badass with the spiderweb detail!


sophisticated Halloween nail artThis Halloween manicure¬†is for the sophisticated Halloween lover, done by¬†@lovemaegan¬†via her blog at¬†She also has another awesome Halloween nail art post¬†I came across while gathering links for this! Her blog in general is great & I’ve been following her the longest out of everyone on this list.. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re on mine! The black and gold on this set is feminine yet edgy and features some irresistibly cool nail jewelry, as well.


candy corn nail artThis cute candy corn inspired set was done by Sanela at Insane Nails¬†with a simple sponging technique. I love the layered polishes and the way the bright orange pops even though it’s a simple concept!


basket weave Halloween nailsLast but not least, this eye catching set is from @ashpell94, who also has tons of other attainable designs on her Instagram. This basket-weaved look catches the eye and is quite intricate but can be managed easily with some patience.


If you have some Halloween nails you want to show off, please post them here! The more the merrier. I look forward to seeing your favorite ideas & designs, too! ūüôā

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